First Prints Sold!

First prints sold!
Hi All & Happy 4th of July weekend!

This month we sent off the first of the Art of the Pride prints to help support both Kevin's Sanctuary and the Painted Dog Conservation Inc. Kevin teamed up with Angela & John Lemon, and their organization, to raise almost $100,000, via three events in Australia!  

The top AOTP prints at auction sold for $1000 apiece!  What a spectacular start for these limited edition, high quality giclee prints.  We will soon be making them available on our website as well, in the hopes of bringing in a continual stream of income to Kevin's Sanctuary.  

For those of you who haven't heard of the Painted Dogs, they are also known as African Wild Dogs, are unique to Africa and are among the continent's most endangered species. It is estimated that less than 7,000 remain in the wild.

I can't thank you enough for supporting this project and believing that you and art can make a difference to both Kevin's Sanctuary and the conservation of endangered animals in Africa.