Evolution of a painting

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are enjoying your summer as much as I am.  I've been working away here in the studio and have now completed 3 paintings and several more oil on paper pieces!  

To give you a little peek into my creative process, below is the painting of Kevin & Thor in various stages from initial study to finished painting.  The first 2 images are oil on paper pieces, 22" x 30", that I created to figure out composition, colors and movement.  Then with all that in mind, I started on the larger format oil on canvas.  Surprisingly, this painting didn't veer off from the initial study nearly as much as some of my paintings do, and the working and re-working had more to do with my desire to have Kevin represent the potential of all mankind rather than just to be mere mortal Kevin!  Rather a large task that involved various morphings of Kevin, but I think in the end I was able to make it work.  Not only does it capture the bond between Kevin & Thor, but it also symbolizes the more universal potentials of man & nature - or at least I hope so!

Enjoy the images - and I would love to hear any comments or questions!

Have a great weekend,