Kevin on 60 Minutes & #lionwhispererTV

Happy Summer A of the P Supporters! 

I just finished watching an amazing segment on 60 Minutes about Kevin and the future of lion/ animal conservation.    I figured you would love it too, so give it a watch and let me know what you think!

Not only are there absolutely stunning moments with Kevin and his lions but he also takes the opportunity to emphasize the need for lions in the wild and not in captivity.   The show juxtaposes Kevin’s efforts with his lions and another man's experiment in Kenya using GPS tracking of wild lions in order to save them from hunters & tribal villages that will kill them for tradition or revenge.    As stated by a biologist in the piece, "If the lion goes, everything else is going with it."  Amen.
Another exciting media news is that Lion Whisperer TV (#lionwhispererTV) launched today on YouTube!  Watch Meg, Kevin’s precious girl, have her first kill.    She’s strapped with a  GoPro camera so literally you can see all the hairs on her neck standup when she views her prey.   It’s exhilarating and a special thing to see!

Make sure you subscribe to the channel for all the really amazing footage to come. 

Up next, will be the evolution of a painting!  I hope to have that out to you this weekend.  So until then, have a wonderful week and enjoy all the watching of Kevin and his lions!