Global March for Lions on March 15th

Global March NYC Poster2.jpg

Hi Everybody,

Join Art of the Pride on March 15th in one of the worldwide cities near you for the Global March for Lions.  Check out this website to find out where the march is in your area:

If you are in NYC, please join me and Art of the Pride advisory board members, Carla Alpert, Julie Hegeler, Bill Stockton and Kathryn Williams at Garibaldi Plaza in Washington Square Park from 11am-1pm on Saturday, March 15th to stand up for the lions and get the word out on the atrocities of canned lion hunting.  Not only will we be at the event, but there will also be NYC Global March posters designed by our master graphic designer Carla with an image of one of my oil on paper studies of Kevin with lioness, Meg, and a streaming video of Kevin discussing the future of the African lion.  The event details are changing daily so check back here for the latest:

In other news, we received our first bit of press from Patrick Ogle at in Chicago:  Patrick interviewed me at Scope Miami a couple of years ago and has been loyally following our project.  I’ll be doing an upcoming interview with him and will send that along when I have it.

Hope to see you on the 15th!