Check out the preliminary sketches for Art of the Pride paintings!

small DSC_0003.jpg

Hi everybody,
Lots going on over here with Art of the Pride.
My studio is literally covered in paintings and oil on paper sketches of lions and hyenas with Kevin and alone, African skies, trees and vast landscapes.  I’m simultaneously working on 22” x 30” oil on paper studies as well as larger paintings that are being informed by them (and vice versa.)
To give you a bit of info on my process, I start with creating sketches on smaller sheets of primed paper – generally 22” x 30” – working out compositions and subject matter.  I then begin moving the paint, figuring out the energy of the piece and trying out different color combinations.  When I have enough info from these smaller works, I start envisioning which ones will work as larger paintings and begin creating those.  As the larger paintings start taking form, I often go back to creating more oil on paper pieces to work out various ideas that come to me from the larger paintings. 
I’ll take you through the whole process via one painting in my next blog post, but for now check out the oil on paper pieces I’ve been working on this week:  

small DSC_0008.jpg