Kevin's Go Pro Video!

Hey Everybody!
Have you seen the GoPro’s Be A Hero video featuring Kevin with the lions and hyenas?   It’s really a must see!   Having already gone viral with over 5.6 million viewers, I think the excitement over it has everything to do with how much you feel like you’re in Kevin’s world.   You will hear him summon the animals with endearing calls and watch the lions wrap their paws around his neck for the most affectionate hugs.  I swear you can see the love in these lion’s eyes and smiles.

While this video closely mirrors my experience on the reserve, it’s still truly amazing to see these 350-550 pound animals act like house pets around Kevin as they cuddle and frolic through the African savannah.   Or how Kevin takes such jovial pleasure in knowing all the personalities of the hyenas and jokes as he introduces Monty as “ a human trapped in hyena clothing.”  These glimpses of magic are also the subject matter in my paintings.  To translate and understand this unique energy through paint on canvas has been a remarkable experience for me so far!   I'm humbled and more passionate than ever to dive into the creative process of bringing this world to life.
Up next will be more images of paintings in progress - and hopefully some finished ones!
Thanks for your continued support of Art of the Pride and I hope you are catapulted right into Kevin’s world with the lions and hyenas as you watch this video!