Coffee-time with Kevin and a Few Wandering Lions

Good Morning Wonderful Supporters! 

Does your morning coffee look something like this? I don’t think there’s anyone on the planet other than Kevin that takes his coffee with a side of lions and in such a dream-like setting. What a way to welcome the day!






 Cheers Mates!  

Cheers Mates!  

Kevin has been amazingly gracious and taking us along on his lion walks to witness what he normally does on the reserve. We’ve gotten intimate views of the different personalities of the lions. Here, Bobcat (the lion) and Gabby (the lioness) take typical gender roles, where the male Bobcat saunters slowly and regally, Gabby the energetic female sniffs everything in sight ready to pounce and hunt, when the opportunity arises.


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Much Ubuntu,

Suzanne & Eileen