First Impressions

Yahoo, we made it!

After hearing hyenas and lions all night we were excited and ready to go meet them and Kevin this morning. What an amazing first it has been! Greeting by Kevin who couldn’t be more friendly at the gate and following him down a dusty road, passing wild wildebeest on the way and arriving at our first lion’s den. Kevin jumped in to say good morning to Meg & Amy who probably are the two lionesses dearest to his heart.

Although they were waiting to be fed (which is only 2 times a week) they still took time from their anticipation to greet a delighted Kevin who gave them a great big lion hug and played a little game of hide & seek. To see the lions’ energy go from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds was something to witness and even though they were hungry, they could show Kevin such sweet affection. Another impression was that having just rained all night there was a surprising lack of smell but their sounds made up for it to our senses. We’ve never heard anything so primal and spectacular! The vibrations in the air carried these sounds deep within to the familiar and connected part of ourselves.

We also got to meet those crazy hyenas. Hearing the grunts, giggles and laughs of the mail hyena was a highlight. Vincent who was missing a tail and ear because his sister took them off as a baby was named after one of the great painters. I felt a certain kinship with him immediately! We learned some fascinating facts about hierarchy of hyenas and will share with you in subsequent posts.

For now, our amazing adventure beckons, as we are headed back to the reserve to hang with Kevin and the friendly staff for an animal waterhole visit and pre-nocturnal activities.

=  - Suzanne & Eileen